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The author's biography

Marie Taqui

For Marie Taqui, being born in poverty does not condemn you to remain in poverty.

Inspired by her beginnings in precariousness and poverty, as the daughter of a cocoa farmer in Côte d’Ivoire (West Africa), Marie Taqui’s career began in this country where she was a teacher, then in the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) in Ethiopia and continued in New York, serving UN languages. After early retirement, she became a real estate broker and investor. Marie Taqui is a speaker as well as a real estate coach. A student at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Marie Taqui owns a consulting firm through which she teaches the formula for success she used to earn her first million dollars …

And invites you to join the fight for
the conquest of financial comfort !!!

The ultimate success system

With Marie T. Taqui

Being born in poverty does not condition you to stay in poverty.
Your past or present state does not determine your future.

There is a well-defined system that you can follow to transform and bring your life to the level of success you desire!


Global Success Initiative partners with philanthropists, local governments, local communities, we recruit and train youths in soft skills developments, we provide fellowships of up to 12 months during which the youths work embedded in communities to provide after school support in education and neighborhoods beautification.

Formation Online

  • Intensive 4 Days: The Ultimate Success System
  • Deep 30 days: The Ultimate Success System
  • 21 days: Emerging Leaders Success System
  • 30 days Women in Leadership: Expanding Influence and Leading Change
  • 30 Days Men in Leadership: Expanding Influence and Leading Changes

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